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Is video content the answer to building engagement?

There’s no denying that today’s consumers are visual people. Did you know that landing pages featuring video content increase conversions by 80 percent?

Video is by no means a new tactic in the realm of marketing. However, the trick is developing captivating branded content that brings an innovative engagement factor to the audience. Video content should do more than just inform and educate. It should tell a story that the viewer can relate to. There should be a certain level of mystique that provokes a reaction. Be honest: Would you rather learn about a brand from a compelling video or a wall of text?

Below are the most important features of video marketing:

1. Building curiosity

TV series provide an example of effectively building interest and engaging viewers. If we want to increase curiosity in our potential customers, we should prepare our content in a few short stories. This is a proven tactic of video marketing. Please note that it’s worth ending the video with a teaser/teaser, which you can expect in the next part of the video. 

Good presentation for a simple transfer of content

In some industries, the vocabulary describing services or products is difficult and specific. In such cases, using a picture instead of a word is a much better solution. It is easier to visually illustrate the instruction manual of complex machines than to describe it. Practical presentation of the use of some products faster and lastingly will be remembered by internet users, making videos with some professional program will be of great help.

Popular video formats that increase user engagement:

  • Instructional videos – Often recorded by influencers and bloggers to discuss the operation of a given product or to instruct customers how to use it. What is difficult to describe in a product can be much simpler to show. Do not focus only on your products, it is worth to deviate a little from the subject and thus interest the recipient in our product from a different angle.
  • Video blog  – Many companies run a company blog. This is one of the better channels for communication with clients, so that posts are not standard and kept in a dry text company can be put on a video blog. This form of marketing works great in the tourism, culinary and sports industries.
  • Online webinars  – These can be trainings for new clients / partners or colleagues, they are conducted live, they are fantastic as a channel for providing knowledge in the field of company activity or conducting educational training. The webinar can be extended to chat conversations and establish direct contact with the client.
  • Opinions and references  – Before buying products, customers often obtain information about the product from users who have tested it. Video reviews are videos in which you can contain the most important product information that customers provide.
  • Viral – entertainment for the viewer – Most of the “viral content” on the internet, and above all on social media, are video clips. It’s nice to watch, some are very creative (funny videos, animations, memes etc.). Try to find topics related to your business and introduce them to videos with a large dose of humor; it will certainly increase the fan base of your company.
  • Brand credibility – Online videos give products or services a human face, which is a big advantage over other types of marketing content. When people appear in the video, they will inspire more trust among viewers than hundreds of written reviews. 

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